Listen to preview track 'Drift'...

patten is set to release new album 'ESTOILE NAIANT' on February 24th.

patten has lingered on the fringes of British music for some time now. Responsible for numerous groundbreaking, genre-melting documents, the Warp aligned producer is now ready to unveil his debut album.

Fresh from the surprise 'EOLIAN INSTATE' EP and his stunning performance at the Tate, patten's new album promises to be yet another diverse, provocative statement.

Ongoing visual collaborations with artist Jane Eastlight add something extra to his output, with patten placing new clip 'Drift' online a few moments ago.

Stripped from his forthcoming album, it's a bewildering yet beautiful track - stream it below.

'ESTOILE NAIANT' is set to be released on February 24th. Tracklisting:

 1. Gold arc
2. Here always
3. Drift
4. Winter strobing
5. Softer
6. Pathways
7. 23-45
8. Key embedded
9. Agen
10. LL2

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