patten Previews New Remix EP

Stream 'QALOGJ OACSSXA' (remix EP 2)

London producer patten is streaming the second in his series of experimental remix EPs.

The growth of the internet has turned trickle of information about new talent into a colossal, surging flood of information. Meeting this challenge, artists have become more ingrained in their own niche, or like patten have abandoned any attempt at defining genre.

patten released his debut album ‘JLAGQO CSOAAXS’ last week. A bewildering introduction, beneath its dense appropriation of sound and style lies a conceptual heart that is pushing in one direction.

The sound of a new voice being forged from a multitude of elements, patten seems to sit within a mosaic of Warp’s 90s output, prime era Factory, the ethereal glare of shoegaze and some old fashioned drone.

That’s his own music. Running concurrently to the release of ‘JLAGQO CSOAAXS’ the producer has launched a series of remixes. In patten’s own words: “Each remixer gets a bunch of chunks from a finished track. One track per remixer. No stems. No finished full track to compare against. So basically passing the fragments like bits of code divorced from the full program. See what gets retained, what comes through from these bits of sonic DNA.”

The second EP has now been unveiled. Stream ‘QALOGJ OACSSXA’ (remix EP 2) below…


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‘JLAGQO CSOAAXS’ is out now on No Pain In Pop.

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