Patrick Wolf On Independence

Exclusive: Wolf on new album

Cult songwriter Patrick Wolf has revealed to Clash that he never felt truly independent until he began releasing music through his own label.

Born in South London, Patrick Wolf was music from an early age building up a vast knowledge of styles and genres. Capable of crossing continents with just a flex of his vocal chords, the young songwriter became the talk of the music industry.

Signing to Fat Cat Records, Patrick Wolf began work on what would become ‘Lycanthropy’ – perhaps his best known and most celebrated work. Since then the singer has developed wanderlust, shifting from imprint to imprint, before settling on his own Bloody Chamber Music label.

Speaking to Clash Magazine the singer claims that being on his own label brings about a state of happiness. “I’m smiling when I wake up in the morning, because working for yourself is really empowering,” he says.

Speaking of his relationship with Universal, the songwriter seems disgruntled at the way his career with them had progressed. “I don’t know where I could have moved on after ‘The Magic Position’. I could only have gone more over-produced, that is the opposite of what I ever wanted, and I think that’s a big reason why I parted ways with Universal.”

“They wanted me to get even more commercial, and I just didn’t have the stupidity in me to want to compromise that much.”

Since then Patrick Wolf has been working on a double album, until he developed money problems. Hatching the perfect solution, Wolf sold ‘stock’ in the album to fans enabling him to complete the work.

The double album was then split into two – with ‘The Bachelor’ due for release later this year. Containing spoken word interludes from celebrated actress Tilda Swinton this is yet another twist in one of British music’s most unusual careers.

Speaking to Clash, Patrick Wolf claims “I’m a freak of nature, but that’s fine. If I can inspire people to be themselves as well as inspire people musically, then that’s great,” he reasons.

“I am who I am, and I shouldn’t be afraid of being myself. I’m just an extremely open person that talks so much and feels so much. There have been times where I’ve tried to be shy and enigmatic, but I just end up feeling like a dickhead!”

Patrick Wolf is set to release ‘The Bachelor’ on June 1st. Read the full interview with Patrick Wolf in next month’s issue of Clash Magazine!

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