Patrick Wolf Blasts Proposition 8

Singer speaks out against law

Celebrated singer Patrick Wolf has blasted Proposition 8 during a recent show in New York.

Patrick Wolf has spent his entire musical career pushing the boundaries of creativity. Often performing live in lavish costumes and make up, Wolf’s stage persona goes beyond questions of sexuality.

Yet those questions remain. In a recent interview Patrick Wolf claimed to be bi-sexual, yet the songwriter has always been guarded about his sexuality. A passionate defender of free expression, Patrick Wolf’s new album ‘The Bachelor’ is one of his most searching to date.

Originally part of a lavish double album titled ‘Battle’, Patrick Wolf’s ambitions ran aground after leaving the comforts of a major label. Running out of money, the singer sold stakes in the album via the website Bandstocks, with fans helping him finish the record.

Now split into two records, first instalment ‘The Bachelor’ was released this year. Featuring narration from award winning British actress Tilda Swinton, the lavish album is one of Patrick Wolf’s most outlandish efforts to date.

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A cult hero in America, Patrick Wolf spoke out against Proposition 8 during a recent show in New York. The law curbs the rights of homosexual couples to marry in California and has been the subject of much debate.

The West Coast state had originally voted to support gay marriage before Proposition 8 repealed those rights. In an onstage rant Patrick Wolf compared the bill to Britain’s Section 28, which also discriminated against homosexuality.

“Who here wants to get married someday?” he asked “Who here wants to get married to someone of the same sex? Now what about everyone out there in heterosexual relationships…how would you feel if you got married and then six months later you were told your marriage was illegal?”

The audience then cheered as Patrick Wolf launched in his new song ‘Battle’. The singer’s tour of the United States has not been without incident, with Patrick Wolf alleging that he was assaulted by a security guard during a recent show in Los Angeles.

Wearing a series of elaborate outfits, Patrick Wolf was at one stage decked out in a black and white Union Jack jumpsuit.

Patrick Wolf’s new album ‘The Bachelor’ is available now.

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