It's an ode to love lost, and what survives...

American songwriter Patrick Martin refuses to place a divide between his life and his music.

Someone who uses songwriting as a lens to view the world through, each song feels like a window into his soul.

Confessional while reaching for the universal, Patrick Martin's new EP 'Wonder Years' is about young love, heartbreak, moving to Los Angeles, and uncovering methods of survival.

It's a heady journey, one threaded through by that incredible voice, so dexterous and so tender, so evocative in its phrasing.

An EP that deals with nostalgia and biting reality, 'Wonder Years' is a continually creative venture, one hinged on "lost love" and "chaos".

He explains: "I often find myself reminiscing about young love and all of the beautiful and tragic experiences that come with it. 'Wonder Years' (EP) is me trying to come to terms with the phrase 'It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all'."

  "My first heartbreak really shook me to my core, but at the same time, it brought out my creative nature. This body of work is simply my personal stories of coping with lost love and the chaos it brings to the soul."

Out now, the EP was led by that astonishing title track, a work of tender maturity that he labels "one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written."

"Quite simply, it’s a story about passion between two people and their ignorance to the true love that they’re experiencing," he continues. "The inspiration for this song came from a lot of relationships, summer flings, etc. that I experienced."

  "I tend to romanticise nostalgia, so this record is my reflecting on some of those times and wondering if what I experienced was deeper than I realised at the time."

Tune in now.

'Wonder Years' EP is out now.

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