Pangaea’s Exhilarating ‘Bad Lines’ Is A Happy Hardcore Salute

Out now on Hessle Audio...

UK producer Pangaea has shared new track ‘Bad Lines’.

The producer’s 16 year catalogue boasts incredible breadth, moving from the bass abstraction of those formative 12s through to left-field house and beyond. One thread recurs again and again, however – his creative relationship with the Hessle Audio crew.

Returning to the storied label for his new album ‘Changing Channels’, Pangaea is ready to stretch his music still further. Out on October 6th, the record is trailed by ‘Bad Lines’ – a propulsive dose of ultra-energy that nods to a formative influence.

Yep, Pangaea has gone all happy hardcore on us. It’s a thrill, too – not a fashionable sound, but a profoundly influential strain within UK dance music, he’s able to blend these tropes with his own unique brand of world-building.

“It’s quite obvious when a record of mine feels like a Hessle record,” he says. No doubt about that.

Tap in below.

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