Pale Waves Announce New Album ‘Smitten’

It's out on September 20th...

Manchester group Pale Waves have confirmed details of their new album ‘Smitten’.

The band’s third album ‘Unwanted’ was a Top 10 success on its 2022 release, sparking their biggest ever headline tour. Heading back into the studio, Pale Waves recently started teasing that something big was coming up.

And so it transpires…

Pale Waves will release fourth album ‘Smitten’ on September 20th. Released via their long-time home Dirty Hit Records, it features 12 tracks that find singer Heather unpicking past lives, and analysing old trauma.

A little like rifling through a teenage diary, it relishes intense emotions. “I found myself writing about not just a certain time period, but my whole life, from years ago,” she says in a note to fans. “When I fall in love, I fall deep, and it’s interesting to me that you can feel so fascinated and smitten with someone and then they can become a total stranger. So I feel like ‘Smitten’ really summarised perfectly what I felt for others at a certain point.”

New single ‘Perfume’ is a dark-pop wonder, the band’s gothic impulses coming to the fore on an indie-pop burner that relishes femme energy. Heather continues…

“’Perfume’ is the perfect introduction into the new world we’ve created. It’s queer, feminine and romantic and it encapsulates the essence of ‘Smitten’.”

Tune in now.


1. Glasgow
2. Not a Love Song
3. Gravity
4. Thinking About You
5. Perfume
6. Last Train Home
7. Kiss Me Again
8. Miss America
9. Hate to Hurt You
10. Seeing Stars
11. Imagination
12. Slow

Photo Credit: Kelsi Luck

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