Our New Project Clash Cares Wants To Provide Strength In Solidarity

We’re breaking down the barriers of self-isolation…

These are tough times for everyone.

The global spread of coronavirus has shut borders, with entire cities locking themselves down in attempt to contain the contagion.

Right now, the Clash team is working from home, using video calls to piece together the new edition of the magazine, and to continue keeping the online flame burning brightly.

Recognising this, we want you – our readers, our peers – to know that Clash Cares. It’s a new strand, one that expands what we do to topple the barriers of self-isolation, using our editorial as a means to foster a renewed sense of community amongst fans of music, film, and fashion.

No one needs to feel alone right now. Using the next edition of our print magazine, the full force of our website, and the sheer reach of social media Clash Cares will offer intimate performances, live streaming DJ mixes, exclusive Q&As, and much, much more, blending genres as we go.


We are introducing a range of Clash Cares initiatives in the coming days.

– Clash Film: 'Stay Home' social viewing experiences with partners and staff picks to keep you entertained at home, including Clash curated Netflix Parties, realised with key partners raising funds for independent cinema & independent record store initiatives. Empire Records #RexManningDay #LoveRecordStores initiative here for Wednesday April 8th.

– Clash Curates: Playlists on our Spotify & Apple Music channels including curated social listening experiences in coming days.

– Clash Fashion: Global competitions to empower our creative network remotely, raising funds for key initiatives supporting the Covid-19 response. Clash x Hype design competition fundraisers launches, take part here.

– Clash Tech: Updates on the industry wide endeavours and technological advances supporting and empowering creatives working remotely.

– Clash Shop: We are inviting artists and creatives to stay home and create handmade items – signed drawings, one-off merchandise etc. to retail via the Clash Shop and Clash Depop, Vero stores – with all proceeds going back to creators and nominated charity of their choice.


To support our network of creators at home, we have this week launched a new record label and platform in collaboration with Universal Music Group.

Extending our services agency Music Republic specialisms to supporting new creatives, our label MSC_RPBLC is now official.

We are readdressing the role of a digger in the digital era; the specialist curator in a vast sea of talent. Some of our favourite brands and labels were born out of necessity for change and we aim to honour that tradition and further that lineage.

At launch, we are supporting music for good initiatives such as the Able Orchestra, digging in the crates re-envisioning some buried gems and all the while incubating a new emerging talent roster.

If you are an industry body or creative keen to hear more, or musician looking to submit material for consideration please get in touch.

EMAIL: [email protected] or contact us via the form below.

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We’ll be taking our highly successful Clash Live events series online, bringing you archive performances, never before seen clips, and freshly shot performances to provide much-needed distraction during these troubled times. We’ll be offering advice and support, analysing how music, film, and fashion can sustain us in the darkest hours. 

But that’s not all. Standing up for the industry that surrounds us, Clash Cares aims to support and amplify ongoing moves to sustain creative enterprise in the shadow of coronavirus, building for a brighter future in the process.

We’ll be speaking to those on the ground, as well as magnifying freshly launched charitable campaigns, to see what can be done to shore up the foundations of the world we cherish.

Join us. Clash Cares.

EMAIL: [email protected] for more information.

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'Stay Home' Artwork Credit: Reuben Dangoor

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