Oscar Scheller, chloe moriondo Combine On ‘Hard Being Alive’

Sublime bedroom pop from a pair of true originals...

UK artist Oscar Scheller spars with chloe moriondo on new single 'Hard Being Alive'.

The bedroom pop pairing are separated by an ocean, yet the UK auteur perfectly compliments the Detroit force.

Osar Scheller recently worked on the PinkPantheress mixtape, while his album 'Boys Cry' made a deep impact on its 2021 release.

'Hard Being Alive' feels outwith that universe, with Oscar's sonic prowess aligned to chloe moriondo's scorching ambition.

A song about the trials and tribulations of our daily lives, the new single finds a way to overcome these.

Oscar comments: "It’s hard being alive is something I’m sure we’ve all thought at one point in our lives. I wrote it during a particularly claustrophobic and dismal period in London. I honestly forgot about it."

"Fast forward onto an LA trip, chloe moriondo and I had just left a session with A.G Cook and I accidentally airdropped the demo to Chloe’s phone when I was trying to play another song in the car. A month later she messaged me the song saying she was obsessed with it and sent me a voicenoted acoustic rendition. I messaged back saying 'you wanna do a verse?' and she made the song a million times better!!"

chloe moriondo adds: "’HARD BEING ALIVE’ IS THE LITTEST SONG ABOUT BEING SAD EVER. It makes me wanna drive fast and make mistakes :)”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Miranda

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