Oscar Jerome’s ‘Sun For Someone’ Explores The Climate Crisis Debate

It's a highly nuanced piece of songwriting...

London songwriter Oscar Jerome has shared his new single 'Sun For Someone'.

The song deals with the debate surrounding the climate crisis, placing our responsibilities as individuals against the requirements of the planet's equilibrium.

It's a piece of music that finds peace in destruction, taking a pessimistic view of our impact on this planet.

He comments: “The song is about the extinction of the human race and it being a good thing for the planet. Once we are gone the earth will right itself and carry on like it always has. The Sun will keep rising for someone, be it animal or planet. It just won’t run on the watch that we keep for our stubborn and unadaptable lifestyles. We often forget we are just a spec in time.”

“For the record, I obviously back climate change activism but some people just enjoy the ritual of doing something ‘green’ on a personal level and revel in feeling like they are a better person than someone else for doing it,” he continues. “This is exactly the emotional blackmail that governments use to pacify people and not do anything themselves.”

“It’s too easy to sit in an ivory tower in a country like the UK and observe people suffering in places with more extreme weather from a comfortable distance, to look down on poor people that are doing things that are bad for the environment to survive day to day. We say ‘save the planet’ but we are really just talking about saving ourselves.”

Out now, the single shows off Oscar's soul and jazz chops, while his nimble guitar playing was hone in afrobeat-influenced collective KOKOROKO. Director Joel Barney shot the video, using 148-year old venue Acton Working Men’s Club as a base.

Joel comments: “Initially when we first heard the track I knew that there needed to be dancing, however, after speaking with Oscar about the meaning behind the song, we found there needed to be a darker underbelly to the video. The surreal animal people were our tongue-in-cheek representation of the animals on earth watching on as we humans carelessly move forward with an innocent naivety.”

Tune in now.

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