Oscar Jerome Shares Playful New Single ‘Berlin 1’

It's about learning to see yourself through another's eyes...

Oscar Jerome has shared new single ‘Berlin 1’.

The London based artist’s incoming album ‘The Spoon’ finds Oscar Jerome spinning in new directions. An artist who continually reinvents himself, the record sluices fresh elements through his jazz-focussed creativity.

New single ‘Berlin 1’ bubbles with light, embodying the German city’s historic sense of freedom. A song about learning to see yourself as who you are, there’s a quiet optimism to Oscar Jerome’s work, coupled with a real sense of reflection.

He comments…

“This track is about seeing your self image through the eyes of someone you love and relying on that reflection rather than knowing and being comfortable in who you are. The development of the song from sensitive and emotional to downright insanity follows the inevitable path you will lead yourself down if you take no time to know yourself.”

Appropriately for a song so sweet, the video opens with sugar – lots and lots of it – being tossed into a mug of coffee. Tune in now.

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