Orla Gartland’s ‘Mine’ Is Beautifully Minimal

"I hope it can bring comfort..."

Orla Gartland returns with new song ‘Mine’.

The Irish-born artist won praise with her riveting debut album ‘Woman On The Internet’, which swept into the Top 10 of the UK chart. Since then, she’s been working with friends, before recent single ‘Little Chaos’ marked her solo return.

New song ‘Mine’ takes a turn towards the tender, with Orla choosing to strip the production right back. Little more than her vocal, a slender guitar line, and that four-string part, it allows the Irish artist to become fully exposed.

The stripped back arrangement amplifies the feeling inherent in the lyric, becoming a point of connection. Orla Gartland comments…

‘Mine’ is by far the most vulnerable song I’ve written to date – putting it feels a little scary but also hugely important to me. It tells a fragmented story of an experience that really affected my relationship with intimacy and how that stayed with me throughout relationships that followed.

I wanted to give the lyrics on this song space to breathe so we kept the production super minimal on this track; live vocal & guitar and a super beautiful, haunting four-piece string part. This was my first time recording real strings on a song of mine and for me they bring even more emotional depth to the track. I’m really proud of this song and whilst I hope in a way that no one relates to it, I hope it can bring comfort and hope to anyone who does.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Nicole Ngai

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