Orion Sun Announces New Album ‘Orion’

It's out on September 20th...

American songwriter Orion Sun will release new album ‘Orion’ on September 20th.

An artist with a singular catalogue, Orion Sun soaks up parts of her surroundings – the people, the geography, the sounds – and incorporates them into a vivid voice.

CLASH last spoke to her in 2022, and she reflected:

My environment plays a huge role in what inspires me. Growing up in a predominantly white area of South Jersey, I was exposed to things that no one in my family knew or were even listening to – that entailed this preteen emo phase where I was into indie rock and more folky things. Leaving Jersey to go back to Philly again, older and more mature, I was able to take what my Mom and Grandmother were listening to, what my cousins and friends were listening to, with me. I’m an open person, I didn’t really reject anything but I didn’t take everything in either. It’s an interesting contrast.

New album ‘Orion’ continues her rise, a work marked by a period of personal evolution. Out on September 20th, the record is trailed by the indie-soul of ‘Mary Jane’ – it remains tethered to the intimacy of her DIY, bedroom pop work, while also pointing to more recent developments in her creative practise.

She comments…

“This song is about coping and facing fear head on. I lean hard on my vices when it feels like the world it’s falling from the sky. It helps you escape for a while, but no matter where you go, you can’t run from yourself. I had to face my fears eventually, and I’m glad I did.”

Tune in now.

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