Ora The Molecule Shares ‘Helicopter’ Video

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Ora The Molecule returns with her new video 'Helicopter'.

The LA based electronic auteur released her debut studio album 'Human Safari' earlier this year, a sparkling display of avant pop ideas.

Born in Norway, her work takes on a wider depiction of her aesthetic interests, including her visual elements.

'Helicopter' pulses with melodic flair, while the lyrics – inherently personal – dissect mental health, and feelings of restraint.

Tanmay Chowdhary links up once more with Ora The Molecule on the video, resulting in something dazzling.

Ora The Molecule comments: "The concept of the video is derived from the lyrics of the song 'Helicopter'. It's very much about mental illness and the feeling of being trapped in a system. It also draws inspiration from seventeenth-century Dutch philosopher Spinoza who says to look at life like 'sub specie aeternitatis' – under the aspect of eternity. 'Take me to the helicopter…' is a call for perspective and a call for clarity and a call for help to widen my view…"

"The video is inspired by the idea of helicopters dropping in for rescue and evacuations. This film is set in the concrete jungle of a housing complex in India and explores the mental implications of living in a world that is increasingly cut off from nature. In the film, the protagonist is stuck in this concrete maze, trying to escape from themselves. Shedding light on the mental health crises of our time, the film is a call for a helicopter to take us away from the concrete jungle of our own minds."

She continues: "The video for ‘Helicopter’ was shot in the outskirts of New Delhi, India. We were visiting Tanmay’s uncle who lived in this crazy post-apocalyptic building. It gave me associations of Franz Kafka’s The Trial. We were both so fascinated by the concept of these building complexes that functioned like mini cities. The place was so impersonal and strange looking, but at the same time we understood that the people living there felt very privileged."

Tanmay adds: "We shot the video in one day, just running around the building. It reminded me of a communist aesthetic, but these were built in the capitalistic spirit. It really did feel like a visualisation of the ‘mind trap’ that the song ‘Helicopter’ is about – like a big labyrinth, where it's impossible to get perspective because it’s so massive and the individual feels so small in it…"

Tune in now.

'Human Safari' out now: https://mute.ffm.to/otm-hs

Photo Credit: Helene Stålem Sørensen and Camilla Skavern

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