But it's in MIDI form...
Oneohtrix Point Never

Oneohtrix Point Never is set to release new album 'Garden Of Delete' on November 13th, but ahead of this the producer has delivered a curious surprise.

The American sound artist has pointed fans to 'Kaoss Edge MIDIs', a YouTube file which contains 17 minutes of new music filtered through MIDI's piano roll function.

A statement below the YouTube clip reads: "Daniel Lopatin aka 0PN found these MIDI files on a data stick which was sent to him by his alien friend Ezra. I [iamkinfan] downloaded them from the Internet and put them with some nice synths."

Expanding on this mythology, an earlier press release for 'Garden Of Delete' claimed that it was inspired by the potentially-entirely-made-up group Kaoss Edge.

Anyway, check out 'Kaoss Edge MIDIs' below.

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