Olivia Dean Details Debut Album ‘Messy’

It's out on June 30th...

Olivia Dean will release her debut album ‘Messy’ on June 30th.

The Walthamstow singer is riding the crest of a wave, with each live show taking her closer to her goals. A viral performance clip certainly helps, and each successive headline date seems to be amplifying her audience.

It’s all about that East London girl-next-door relatability, with Olivia Dean speaking to her audience in a language they can understand. Debut album ‘Messy’ is out on June 30th, with the songwriter describing the process behind the LP as a journey of growth.

Olivia shares…

“Going into making the record, I’d just done this ‘Growth’ project. And for ages, I was like, well, my debut album needs to be what I’ve grown into, I need to have the answer. And that really confused me for a while. Then I realised, I’m always going to be growing. So this doesn’t have to be a destination, it’s just where I’m at now.”

“It’s funny because I think it’s the most fine-tuned I’ve got my sound to be, but also the most carefree I’ve been in actually making music… some of it’s quite vulnerable but it was just made out of pure fun and joy and unbotheredness, and I think I’ve done a good job with calling it ‘Messy’ because if anybody says it’s all over the place I’ll be like, yeah!”

New single ‘Dive’ is a coy piece of alt-pop delivered with no small degree of charm – tap in now.

Ladies Room
No Man
Dangerously Easy 
Getting There (Interlude)
The Hardest Part
I Could Be A Florist
Everybody’s Crazy

Photo Credit: PETROS

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