'Hey QT' gains official release...

Two of the voices spearheading the PC Music phenomenon, it was perhaps inevitable that A.G. Cook and SOPHIE would collaborate.

Launching QT earlier this month, it's not so much a release as an audio-visual phenomenon mirroring modern branding culture.

QT is both a fantasy future-pop star and an energy drink, billed as sitting "where organic and synthetic meet to stimulate an uplifting club sensation".

New cut 'Hey QY' is online now, and has prompted immediate discussion. The sugar sweet arrangement certainly links to the energy drink theme - who knows what's in those things, right? - but the structure and production of the track feel eerily similar to late 90s dance pop.

Hell, even the idea of an imaginary pop star has been done to death in J-Pop - and Clash then put Hatsune Miku on the cover.

So is there anything actually new about PC Music? If 'Hey QT' is anything to go by, then perhaps not.

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