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Punk isn't dead. If the acrimony between Black Flag and FLAG proves one thing, it's that the legacy of those epochal 80s recordings remains fresh, inspiring.

Original Black Flag frontman Keith Morris now leads OFF! a band which unites the singer with fellow punk veterans Dimitri Coats, Steven McDonald and Mario Rubalcaba.

Releasing their debut album back in 2012, the group have now unveiled a follow up. 'Wasted Years' is set to be released through VICE on April 7th, and features sixteen (count 'em!) tracks.

Self-recorded live to 8-track ½” tape in their own rehearsal studio, OFF! eschewed overdubs to keep things as live as possible. Retaining the spirit of those primal hardcore years but with a defiantly modern sound, 'Wasted Years' comes wrapped in Raymond Pettibon designed artwork.

Check out an archive Keith Morris interview HERE.

'Wasted Years' is set to be released on April 7th. Tracklisting:

1. Void You Out
2. Red White and Black
3. Legion of Evil
4. No Easy Escape
5. Over Our Heads
6. Hypnotized
7. It Didn't Matter To Me
8. Exorcised
9. Death Trip on the Party Train
10. I Won't Be a Casualty
11. All I Can Grab
12. Time's Not On Your Side
13. Meet Your God
14. Mr. Useless
15. You Must Be Damned
16. Wasted Years

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