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'Ego Death'

Odd Future splinter The Internet have just announced plans for new album 'Ego Death'.

Due to be released later this year, it's the third full length from a group whose youngest member is only 17 years old.

Recorded in Los Angeles, 'Ego Death' is about “being vulnerable and honest. It’s about us growing up as a band and as individuals, and the challenges we’re facing and learning from. It’s about us acknowledging our egos and the egos around us, and using them the best way we know how.”

The Kaytranada-enhanced 'Special Request' is online now, and you can soak up it's off kilter neo-soul vibes below.

'Ego Death' will be released later this year. Tracklisting:

1. Get Away
2. Gabby
3. Under Control
4. Go With It
5. Just Sayin-iTried
6. For The World
7. Girl
8. Special Affair
9. Somthings Missing
10. Partner In Crime Part Three
11. Penthouse Cloud
12. Palace Curse

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