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Odd Future hit London today and treated fans with a popup store in the heart of Brick Lane before their sell out show at Brixton Academy. Some onlookers began queuing in the early hours of the morning, although the store didn’t open properly 'till nearly 2pm with the arrival of Jasper, Taco and album cover boy Lucas.

The members went up and down the line personally greeting screaming fans, with Jasper receiving a present in the form of a block of cheese from one boy, prompting the rapper to ask: “what the fuck am I meant to do with this?” He then threw the mature cheddar to the floor and returned to the store.

When Tyler eventually showed up, he was also in food throwing fashion, as he chucked an unopened pack of waffles at a Clash journalist taking pictures in the shop.

With getting weary of waiting in the blistering sun, people begun to knock down the metal barriers screaming “WOLF GANG”. Some even felt so lucky to try and make a run into the store rather than continue to wait. They were forcefully removed and told to come back another time.

The temporary shop (entitled OF SWEATSHOP) seen an array of clothing items from tube socks to ‘I LOVE MILEY CYRUS’ tees. The prices weren’t that of your average band merchandise though, as OFWGKTA baseball tops were priced at £50, and some photography at a whopping £150.

Despite the massive wait time for the fans, no pictures with the collective were allowed in store. Anyone that tried was immediately warned with ejection by security if they persisted.

A few photographs from the event.

Words & Images: Jamie Carson

The queues carried on until the weekend... here's an updated snap from Rob Meyers.


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