Here "Falling Down" Now

Music legends Oasis are set to release their new album "Dig Out Your Soul" soon, and you can get a taster after album track "Falling Down" leaked onto the internet.

The band have been locked away in the immortal Abbey Road studios working on their new LP, which is set to be released on October 6th. The album will be preceded by a single called "The Shock Of The Lightning", which will feature a remix of the album track "Falling Down".

It is "Falling Down" which has leaked onto the net, along with the history making Chemical Brothers remix. The album version of the track is a melancholic tune with clear psychedelic overtones, containing some gentle orchestral work. Noel Gallagher takes lead vocals, and experiments with his voice singing some parts in a high register.

A song puporting to be the remix has also turned up on the internet, and it reworks "Falling Down" into a noisy, frenetic monster.

To hear the album version of "Falling Down" just click here.