Manchester group get reworked

Manchester indie giants Oasis have been remixed by spectral American folk singer Devendra Banhart.

One of the most distinct talents in modern American music, Devendra Banhart defies categorisation. Part weird folk, part weird indie and part plain weird Banhart's music is a rich yet bizarre emotional experience.

Primarily an acoustic artist, Devendra Banhart is an odd choice to remix Oasis. The traditionally dance-phobic group only recently permitted their first official remix, and have rarely worked with as experimental an artist as Banhart.

Oasis allowed The Chemical Brothers to rework 'The Falling', a track from their recent album 'Dig Out Your Soul'. The dance duo reworked the ballad into a twisting and turning slice of electronica, and have seemingly opened the floodgates for other producers.

Follow up remixes have been done by a variety of talents, including psychedelic group Amorphous Androgynous who turned an Oasis track into a mind bending twenty two minute space rock work out.

Devendra Banhart was asked to pick any track from 'Dig Out Your Soul' and effectively do what he likes with it. Opting for the downbeat '(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady' Banhart has ripped the guts out of the song, leaving behind something that remains true to Oasis but positively reeks of otherworldly Americana.

The track is currently streaming on the official Oasis site.

Oasis have been busy of late. The band opened their UK tour with a trouble laden shown in Manchester, which finished with the Gallagher brothers promising to refund the audience's tickets.

However Oasis struck back on the final performances of the three night run, giving spectacular performances that took in the highs of the band's career. Forthcoming shows are scheduled for Wembley Stadium, Murrayfield and more.

Noel Gallagher previously warned fans that it could take five years for new material to emerge. Until then the band have announced they will be re-releasing their entire back catalogue on heavyweight vinyl, with special sleevenotes detailing the group's career.

Oasis will re-release their studio albums on vinyl next month.

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