Capturing their 1996 shows in full...
Noel Gallagher

In the summer of 1996 it seemed that Oasis were everywhere.

Each show seemed to break records, with the band playing larger and larger concerts with each passing week.

Agreeing to play two nights at Knebworth, the results would come to define the bombast and ambition of the era and of the band itself.

Speaking to German website Event - which has been translated by fansite Stop Crying Your Heart Out and pointed out by Digital Spy – Noel Gallagher has seemingly confirmed that a full documentary based on those epochal concerts will be released in 2016.

"Oh yeah! Just because it'll be the 20th anniversary of our Knebworth concerts in 2016. And because we're a bunch of nutters, we've completely forgotten that we had actually filmed the whole thing. With like 20 cameras and a lot of what happened on the festival ground as well. Like fans arriving, backstage sequences, interviews and flights over the area. Which we've never released. I've no idea why."

"We decided that 2016 would be a good moment to do so, since Knebworth was the highlight of our career. We think that the 20th would make a good occasion to reflect on that, or to tell the history of Oasis – and then leave it at that. So far there's going to be a documentary and a live album."

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds are set to release new album 'Chasing Yesterday' on March 2nd.

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