‘Apnea’ due on May 28th

O. Children are set to release their new album ‘Apnea’ through Deadly People on May 28th.

Plenty of things can cause delays. Some bands take time off. Others get trapped in red tape. For O. Children, though, the reason behind their lengthy spell on the sidelines was much more serious.

Attending a party in Manchester two years ago, O. Children managed to miss the last train back to London. Deciding to get the next available train, the band hopped on board despite not having the right tickets.

Due to his size, singer Tobi O’Kandi opted to try and blend in with the crowd. Spotted by security, the little tiff soon escalated - reported to the police, authorities discovered that he did not have the correct papers to be in the country.

“They were going to take me to Nigeria, all my family is based in the United States so they were basically just going to drop me off somewhere that I have no idea about and no current family ties to” he said recently.

Spending time in and out of court, Tobi O'Kandi came under increasing pressure. Developing apnea - a breathing condition - the songwriter sipped into severe insomnia. Fuelling the new record, O. Children are to return with their most personal material yet.

Due for release on May 28th, 'Apnea' will be preceded by the free download track 'PT Cruiser'. Grab it below...

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O. Children will release 'Apnea' on May 28th. Tracklisting:

1. Holy Wood
2. The Realest
3. Red Like Fire
4. Oceanside
5. PT Cruiser
6. I Know (You Love Me)
7. Yours For You
8. Hate City
9. Swim
10.Solid Eyes
11. Chimera

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