Her wonderful EP 'a sensitive being' is out now...

Norway's iris has a tenderness to her touch that is just devastating.

New EP 'a sensitive being' - released mere moments ago - is plaintive, absorbing, and quietly intense, her folk touches mingling with a future-facing pop sensibility.

Drawing on her own experiences, each song seems to owe a debt to a passer by, to a life story iris catches a glimpse off from a cafe window.

She recalls...

Those nights sitting in the corner, I wrote every thought down, I was fascinated with the people. All of them were looking for something.

I felt so much compassion for them, because in my head they really just wanted to be loved! Some of them seemed pretty broken. Maybe I just put my emotions on them, but they felt so real, they had all these needs and dreams, and they were so whole in themselves. I think I wanted to be superwoman and make everyone happy. Like Cupid...

Lead song 'romance is dead' earned plaudits on its initial release, with iris using a hushed, quietened delivery to allow each word to impact gracefully.

We're able to share the full video, and it's raw, intimate feel perfectly matches the songwriting. iris explains...

this video was filmed by me, with some help from my loved ones. it was filmed near the place where i grew up, in the forest and on the mountain and at my grandmother’s, who lives next door from my parents. i used an old digital camera because i like how the world looks through it. there’s a bit of perfection in it looking so imperfect.

Tune in now.

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