Noel Gallagher Would Like Dave Grohl “To Wind His Neck In About Oasis”

He's had enough...

Noel Gallagher has seemingly grown tired of Dave Grohl urging Oasis to reform.

The American rock, Foo Fighters leader, and all-round decent sort is seemingly a bit of an Oasis fanboy, having toured alongside the UK band in the early 2000s. Striking up a friendship with Liam Gallagher, he called him one of “the last remaining rock stars” during an interview in 2022.

Dropping past Glastonbury, Dave Grohl bumped into Noel Gallagher – who seemingly wasn’t that impressed.

Chatting to Matt Morgan for their latest podcast episode, the guitarist explained that he is sick to his eye teeth of Dave Grohl’s exhortations for an Oasis reformation.

“I did actually bump into Dave [Grohl]. He was about three feet away from me when I was watching LCD Soundsystem and he was staying in the same hotel I was staying in. I would just like him to wind his fucking neck in about Oasis. I wouldn’t talk to him. I haven’t got time for that fucking mob any more,” he said.

Noel added: “I haven’t got fuck all to say to him. He’s our kid’s mate anyway.”

Elsewhere on the podcast, Noel Gallagher called Glastonbury “a bit woke”. CLASH spotted the guitarist transfixed by Kneecap’s 2am set on Worthy Farm, but it seems other acts on the bill stick in his craw.

“It’s getting a bit woke now, that place, and a bit kind of preachy and a bit virtue-signalling. I don’t like it in music – little fucking idiots waving flags around and making political statements and bands taking the stage and saying, ‘Hey guys, isn’t war ­terrible, yeah? Let’s all boo war. Fuck the Tories man,’ and all that. It’s like, look – play your fucking tunes and get off.”

He did, however, say Glastonbury is “probably the best fucking thing about Britain apart from the Premier League”.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds play London’s Alexandra Palace on July 20th.

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