New album 'Who Built The Moon?' incoming...
Noel Gallagher (Credit: Lawrence Watson)

Noel Gallagher has said he wants to shake off the "parka monkeys" with his new album.

The guitarist will released the psychedelic psounds of 'Who Built The Moon?' on November 24th, with opening tracks splitting opinion.

Revealing he wants to shake off the "parka monkeys", Noel Gallagher told Q a little more about his intentions.

Wanting to alienate “the little 15-year-old snotty c**ts with polka-dot scarfs” the guitarist revealed his management think tracks such as 'Holy Mountain' have “split his fans in two”.

“I’ve got to say, that was the intention,” he says. “Half are saying ‘this is fucking shit. This can’t be the guy that wrote ‘Live Forever’,’ and the other half are saying, ‘this is fucking amazing’ – and that’s not a place I’ve ever been.”

Explaining that some of his fans expect “the strumming of the guitar and the melancholy of those songs of lost love or lost youth, but with a hopeful chorus,” Gallagher revealed that “that’s not where I am now. I know that’s what people want, but fuck what they want.”

Album track ‘It’s A Beautiful World’ seemingly features French spoken word, something he anticipates will further aggravate some fans.

He says: “The parka monkeys are going to be like, ‘a fucking French bird on a track? No mate, not having it. It’s not rock n’ roll’. Well no, it isn’t. Who’s saying it is?”

'Who Built The Moon?' will be released on November 24th.

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