...and reveals he hasn't got "the funk"
Noel Gallagher

A perennial font of down-to-Earth wisdom, Noel Gallagher is busy talking up his new album.

The second from Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, 'Chasing Yesterday' is due to be released on March 2nd.

Ahead of this, the songwriter has spoken to the NME, giving fans a tiny indication of what to expect. Packed full of "songs that make you kind of punch in the air while crying a little bit" the singer describes these tracks as what he feels "most comfortable writing".

"It's the Irish in me, that's what we do. We're never happy. We rage joy. Even 'Some Might Say', for instance, is a very melancholic Irish kind of anthem."

Johnny Marr makes a guest appearance on the album – seemingly, because Noel Gallagher simply hasn't got “the funk”. The guitarist said: "I tried to get him on the last record because there's a bit in 'AKA...What A Life!' that I thought needed a bit of funk, and he's got the funk, but he couldn't do it, so I had to do it. And I was embarrassed doing it because I haven't got the funk."

'Chasing Yesterday' is due to be released on March 2nd.

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