Noel Gallagher Calls Sam Smith “A F*cking Idiot”

He also mis-genders the star...

Noel Gallagher labelled Sam Smith “a fucking idiot” during a recent Dutch radio interview.

The interview took place on the Kink radio station, and saw the songwriter discuss incoming material from Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. New album ‘Council Skies’ is out this summer, and he’s lining up some massive tour dates.

The host asked Noel’s thoughts on pop music, prompting the Oasis legend to reply: “Music has become quite fractured and chart music is dominated by pop. Pop music is alright if the pop stars are cool. Sadly the stars of today are fucking idiots.”

Asked to name an ‘uncool’ pop star, Noel was unequivocal: “Sam Smith.”

Asked why, he added: “Look at him!”

The comment mis-genders Sam Smith, who came out as non-binary in September 2019 and uses they/them pronouns.

Sam Smith’s latest era has become known for its wild design, and outlandish outfits. It’s often done tongue-in-cheek, such as his viral BRITs outfit, and pushes the boundaries of taste.

Clash explored the Sam Smith backlash at length with this opinion piece.

Find a snippet of the interview below.

Sam Smith has yet to respond to Noel Gallagher’s jibes. The pop star previously threw shade at Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, with the pair having been recruited to submit potential Bond theme songs. Sam Smith won out, and after picking up a BAFTA for their work on ‘Spectre’ was heard to comment at the press conference: “Who’s Thom Yorke?”

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