Nix Northwest Links With Enny On ‘You Ain’t Got A Chance Boy’

A stellar pairing...

Nix Northwest links with Enny on ‘You Ain’t Got A Chance Boy’.

The London artist caught attention in 2019, with his debut project ‘Life’s a Bitch, I Just Need An Early Night’. Jazzy hip-hop that touches on club sounds, his versatility was coupled to a clear desire to communicate on an emotional level.

Follow-up ‘Xin’s Disappearance’ is out shortly, and new single ‘You Ain’t Got A Chance Boy’ features an old friend. Nix Northwest and Enny first worked together in 2019, and they’ve remained close ever since, supporting one another’s art in the process.

Out now, this new single has a deft, soulful edge, but its rare groove is aligned to something a little darker. Nix leads from the front, but the climax – when he and Enny trade bars – is electrifying, and shows how far the pair can stretch.

Nix comments…

“I’ve always had a thing for songs that are happy and beautiful sounding on the surface but also carry a darker message underneath once you peel back the layers. I wanted to explore that sometimes elusive and blurred line between good and evil, and the way which different morals and perceptions that people hold can affect that line.”

Tune in now.

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