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'Nirvana' artwork

More than 20 years on from the sad, untimely death of Kurt Cobain the legacy of Nirvana shines more brightly than ever.

The band's career-spanning compilation 'Nirvana' is as good a place as any to start, and in a new move the collection is set to gain a full vinyl and Blu-Ray release.

Containing gems from Nirvana's career alongside rare material such as 'You Know You're Right' - the final song the group recorded together - the 14 track album has gone platinum 14 times over across the globe.

On August 28th the collection will receive a full vinyl pressing for the first time, alongside a Blu-Ray release. Tracklisting:

1. You Know You're Right

2. About A Girl

3. Been A Son

4. Sliver

5. Smells Like Teen Spirit

6. Come As You Are

 7. Lithium

8. In Bloom

 9. Heart-Shaped Box

10. Pennyroyal Tea

11. Rape Me

 12. Dumb

13. All Apologies

14. The Man Who Sold The World

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