New partnership arranged

Ninja Tune and Werk Discs have arranged a new partnership.

Founded in 2004, Werk Discs' slim but influential back catalogue has marked it out as one of the most distinctive labels in the country. Continuing to evolve, founder Actress (Darren Cunningham) has spent time considering what the future might hold.

Now the imprint is set to hook up with Ninja Tune. The partnership was announced this afternoon, and is said to be arranged in a similar fashion to Ninja Tune's relationship with Brainfeeder.

Amongst the releases scheduled for the new few months is a new record from Lukid. The producer's third to date, 'Lonely At The Top' is set to emerge via Werk Discs shortly.

As if that wasn't enough to get you excited, Actress is also working on a new album. The sequel to 'Hazyville', the new record will be entitled 'Ghettoville' and is set to be released as a double album.

To toast the official announcement of the partnership, Ninja Tune have decided to give away Actress' 'Metamorphosis' to anyone who signs up to the new Werk Discs newsletter.

It'll cost you an email and you can find it HERE.

Here's the title cut from 'Hazyville'.


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