Nina Cobham’s ‘Self Care’ Channels The Legacy Of Mac Miller

It was built during lockdown...

Nina Cobham has shared new single ‘Self Care’.

Her debut EP landed last year, with ‘what colour does this feel like?’ becoming a breakout moment. Matching pop flavours to some unexpected elements, including aspects of bossa nova, garnering an international appeal.

She comments: “For a long time, Spanish artists have incorporated bits of English into their music, whereas in England it feels like maybe people have only been receptive to things like that very recently. But if the music is good then it translates beyond the language.”

New single ‘Self Care’ takes Nina Cobham in a fresh direction, absorbing the influence of Mac Miller as she attempts to re-connect with what brings her peace. Quietly soulful, the track was built alongside producer Frankie Scoca, whose deft electronic impulses underpin that soothing, wide-open vocal from Nina.

“Self care was written during lockdown, early summer time last year. It’s about the nostalgia of the summers spent passing time doing whatever with friends and longing to have that again, while I was literally living in the middle of nowhere separated from all my friends,” she comments.

“We wanted to make something fun and energetic. Self care is a reference to the Mac Miller song because his music was on repeat at the time.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Sophia Carrey

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