Nilüfer Yanya Shares New Single ‘Call It Love’

Tune in now...

Nilüfer Yanya has shared new single ‘Call It Love’ – tune in now.

The songwriter has signed to Ninja Tune, and her new album ‘My Method Actor’ is out on September 13th. Marked by personal evolution, it finds Nilüfer Yanya learning to move instinctually, and this further strengthens her work.

She comments…

 “It takes a certain kind of bravery to fully trust your instincts. It’s about allowing your calling to lead you, to let it guide you somewhere. Let that consume you and destroy you.”

New song ‘Call It Love’ is out now, a piece of indie-soul that permits Nilüfer to let her mind wander. Melodically sweet, there’s something quietly engrossing about the way she approaches musicality.

The songwriter adds…

“For me, writing is definitely problem solving – in the way they say that dreaming is like problem solving. You’re like, oh, that sounds good. That looks good. That makes sense. But you don’t really know why. You’re kind of using that part of your creative brain that doesn’t have to make sense.” 

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Molly Daniel

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