Nik Colk Void Launches Debut Solo Album ‘Bucked Up Space’

It's out on April 8th...

Nik Colk Void will release her debut solo album 'Bucked Up Space' on April 8th.

The electronic composer will be familiar to regular readers, having contributed extensively to Factory Floor and Carter Tutti Void.

Intriguingly, however, this will be her first full length solo release, and it comes out of extensive improvisatory studio sessions.

Released through Editions Mego on April 8th, the support of the label was pivotal in bringing Void's solo ideas to fruition.

She comments: “When Peter Rehberg initially asked me to produce a record for Editions Mego, I didn't feel quite ready and asked if we could make a record together instead. Collaboration is so ingrained into what I do, I only felt ready to make this album after working through ideas live, using the audience in place of the collaborator.”

Nik adds: “You find out more about yourself when you explain your ideas to others, and that’s how I felt the live performance worked for me.”

New track 'Interruption Is Good' is online now, a fascinating piece of Brutalist techno that pivots between crisp, machine-like minimalism and granulated noise.

A taster of the new album, you can find it below.

'Bucked Up Space' tracklisting:

Interruption Is Good
Big Breather
Tender Supposition
Absence Pile Island
Early Summer

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