niina Gives Into The Groove On ‘there she goes!’

A new era commences...

Interdisciplinary electronic artist niina today shares her first release of 2024, new single ‘there she goes!’, out via ADA.

Her first release since last year’s EP ‘apple juice’, niina crafts a dynamic piece of airy house, replete with spoken-word affirmations and a driving beat that amplifies the song’s core message of fallibility and forward momentum.

Speaking on the track, niina explains: “My objective for this track was to create a dreamy respite for myself with the fantasy of dancing in the sun at a festival in mind. I wrote ‘there she goes!’ in June last year, I remember it was June because all my friend’s were at Glastonbury and I was getting fomo. I was thinking about how much yearning and impatience I have for my career. The original lyrics –  ‘baby, I wanna let you know…you’re gunna be for everyone, you just gotta let this go’, gave me comfort at the time, as though my future self was letting me know it’s all going to work out.

Previously, niina joined a long line of faceless, enigmatic electronic artists. Now, she’s stepping out into the light on a forthcoming project that embraces the vicissitudes of growing up: “I want to give people permission to say ‘hey, I’m so fucking lost, but let’s enjoy life anyway...”

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