Music Promoter Project Revealed

They’re arguably the most important personnel involved in a gig, club night or festival, and yet promoters are oddly neglected individuals.

There are a million courses, websites and resources offering advice to budding musicians and DJs, but the people who’ll arrange the events they’ll play at are often left to work it out as they go along. And that can be a costly business.

Help is finally at hand. This summer Smirnoff are launching Night Vision, a two-tiered scheme aimed at helping aspiring promoters to get it all right on the night. First up, there’s a free Facebook-based forum full of hints, tips, do’s and definitely-don’ts from those who’ve been there, done that, and perhaps occasionally wished they hadn’t.

Secondly, and this is the really sexy part, Night Vision will also be launching a bursary scheme to actively reward anyone who comes up with a particularly ingenious or ambitious idea for an event. They’ll be given both hands-on advice and a financial leg-up towards getting their project off the ground, and the Night Vision team certainly won’t be short of applications. The next wave of Bestivals, Trashes and Clash Clubs could start right here.

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