Bass player vows to continue with tour

Manic Street Preachers have been dealt a blow on their current UK tour with bass player Nicky Wire suffering a back spasm.

The Welsh trio are on the comeback trail with their spectacular new album 'Journal For Plague Lovers'. Using lyrics from their departed friend Richey Edwards the band set about crafting the true follow up to their 1994 album 'The Holy Bible'.

The result is perhaps the band's most emotionally charged album in well over a decade. Having regained commercial form with 2007's 'Send Away The Tigers' Manic Street Preachers have decided on one of the most daring moves of their career.

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Received rapturously by fans, the new album has already been hailed as a career highlight. Currently on tour across the UK, the band were dealt a severe blow last night (May 26th) with the news that bassist Nicky Wire has suffered a back spasm.

Playing the Welsh town of Llandudno, the bassist suffered the spasm during the band's set yet somehow struggled on. Manic Street Preachers have vowed to carry on, with Nicky Wire sending a message to fans on the band's official website:

"I would just like to apologise for the gig last night in Llandudno, I am trying to nurse a prolapsed disc through the tour and last night it went into spasm on stage."

"This made it virtually impossible for me to move, let alone jump. I desperately want to carry on the tour but it will mean a combination of standing still, sitting down on stage, back braces and painkillers.

"As you know standing still is utterly alien to me on stage I don’t want any sympathy but hopefully this will explain my lack of movement and general mood. Thank you for your understanding".

The gig itself was a huge success. Manic Street Preachers played their new album 'Journal For Plague Lovers' in its entirety, before embarking on a second set drawn from the band's back catalogue.

Pausing to play The Supremes' 'Stop In The Name Of Love' the group then plunged into their early classic 'Motown Junk' before finishing with their often mis-understood anthem 'A Design For Life' - said to be a poem written by Nicky Wire after the disappearance of his close friend Richey Edwards.

Manic Street Preachers are set to play the first of a three night residency in London's Roundhouse venue tomorrow (May 28th).

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