Art work put on hold

Australian songwriter Nick Cave has been forced to postpone plans to erect a statue of himself in his hometown.

Nick Cave hails from a small town in Australia. Growing up the singer devoured the British music press (hello!) and later moved his group The Birthday Party to London in order to experience the scene he had dreamed about.

Since then Nick Cave has frequently returned home, becoming one of Australia's best loved musical exports. The singer set his recent Western 'The Proposition' in his hometown while Australia has frequently featured in his songwriting.

The singer had planned to erect an enormous gold statue of himself in his hometown of Warracknabeal but this has been put on hold.

Speaking to Time Magazine the songwriter claimed "I was hoping to put (it) in the middle of this tiny little town where I was born."

"Unfortunately the fortunes of Warracknabeal are so grim at the moment with the recession and this chronic drought that's going on, that it feels a little in bad taste to erect a giant gold statue. But one day."

Typically, the statue Nick Cave had in mind was not a simple portrait. The singer had designed a foot high scale model featuring himself in - ahem - an artistic pose.

"I'm naked on a rearing horse. I have a modest loincloth on. It's this rather wonderful homoerotic work of art," Nick Cave explained.

Nick Cave's new novel 'The Death Of Bunny Munro' is out now.

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