Nick Cave Is Attending The Coronation (And He Isn’t Ashamed)

"I think I’ll wear a suit."

Nick Cave has revealed he fully intends to attend the coronation of King Charles III.

The Australian songwriter made the confession as part of the Red Hand Files, answering four separate missives demanding to know his reasons. Typically forthright, he’s already working out which outfit he’ll done for the occasion, cheekily writing: “I’ll make this a quick one because I’ve got to work out what I am going to wear to the Coronation…”

Continuing, he cited the strangeness of the spectacle, and not its meaning, for his desire to witness it. Clarifying his thoughts, Nick Cave writes:

I am not a monarchist, nor am I a royalist, nor am I an ardent republican for that matter; what I am also not is so spectacularly incurious about the world and the way it works, so ideologically captured, so damn grouchy, as to refuse an invitation to what will more than likely be the most important historical event in the UK of our age. Not just the most important, but the strangest, the weirdest.

Elsewhere, Nick Cave explained that he once met Queen Elizabeth II, and found himself moved by her funeral – in fact, he even cried.

“I guess what I am trying to say is that, beyond the interminable but necessary debates about the abolition of the monarchy, I hold an inexplicable emotional attachment to the Royals—the strangeness of them, the deeply eccentric nature of the whole affair that so perfectly reflects the unique weirdness of Britain itself,” he writes. “I’m just drawn to that kind of thing—the bizarre, the uncanny, the stupefyingly spectacular, the awe-inspiring.”

Closing, Nick Cave comments: “So, with all that in mind, I am looking forward to going the Coronation. I think I’ll wear a suit.”

King Charles III will be crowned on May 6th.

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