Tribute to Alan Vega

Canadian filth merchant Peaches has confirmed details of her new single 'Jonny'.

Peaches is one of the most provocative performers in dance music. The singer mixes electro beats with some decidedly saucy lyrics to produce something which is both shocking and contagious.

With deep roots in both dance and rock, Peaches is now set to pay tribute to one of her heroes. The singer is set to take part in the ongoing Alan Vega tribute series, and will cover a track by Suicide.

The iconic frontman led Suicide to infamy during the punk era, becoming outcasts with their adoption of primitive electronica. 'Jonny' featured on the band's debut album and showcases their more elegiac side.

Turning 70 last year blastfirstpetite organised a series of singles in which artists would tackle their favourite Suicide / Alan Vega tracks. Now Peaches is due to take part, with her effort due in August.

A striking cover, Peaches added her own feminine charm to 'Jonny'. Set to be released on August 30th, the Canadian performer will be backed a new version of 'No Tomorrow' and Effi Briest's take on 'Why Be Blue'.

Limited to just 1500 copies the one off single also features a striking drawing by respected artist Cary Kwok.

Peaches follows in a rich line of artists who have taken part in the series. Klaxons broke cover to pay tribute to the singer, with the nu rave giants being joined by Bruce Springsteen, The Horrors, Primal Scream and more.

Coming up, blastfirstpetite has organised new releases from Grinderman, Mogwai, Iggy Pop and more. Alan Vega seemed overwhelmed by the project, saying: I'm knocked out by these new versions, they just keep on coming and coming and their like whole new worlds to completely different....and some of these new upcoming bands man, they've really got into it. It's really great. It's like a soap opera you know, what's gonna happen in the next episode!"

Peaches is set to release 'Jonny' on August 30th.