It's a crunching return...

Neon Dreams surge back into view with new single 'House Party'.

The band - in reality a duo - hinge on friendship, on the role that shared experiences play in our lives.

Frank Kadillac and drummer Adrian Morris, the pair released a nine track album last year, rightfully winning acclaim for their originality.

Crunching songwriting with a raw feel, Neon Dreams sound like two people having the time of their lives.

2020 hasn't worked out like we all hoped it would, but that doesn't stop us finding moments of joy, and that's what 'House Party' is about.

The sound of Neon Dreams operating in sheer abandon, it's the point where the duo part the grey clouds and let the sunshine in.

“I want to be the soundtrack to the next generation,” Kadillac proclaims. “I’m not writing for a bunch of cool kids. I’m writing for the kid sitting in the hallway eating lunch; the kid that has the perfect family but just doesn’t fit into it; the people who feel out of place.”

He adds: "The song’s about wanting to feel accepted and yearning to be like the carefree people at the party. The person smiling over there - I never smile, I lost my smile - and I want to get back to that place. When I was a teenager I realised I needed to learn how to get myself to the place I wanted to be, because I felt way too insecure for what I wanted to become."

Tune in now.


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