...and talking during his harmonica checks
Neil Young

Neil Young isn't renowned for his patience.

The Canadian born performer has a reputation for not suffering fools, for stamping his authority in whatever environment he happens to be in.

So when a New York audience began chatting throughout a Carnegie Hall show on Monday night (January 6th) they really should have known better.

The New York Times was in attendance, and report that during 'Ohio' the audience gamely attempted to clap along - but slightly off the beat.

"Wrong!" barked the singer, before adding: "It’s something that you probably don’t know... but there’s a hell of a distance between you and me." Later, whilst swapping harmonicas the Carnegie Hall crowd began chattering amongst themselves, to Neil Young's obvious chagrin.

"No, you paid real good money to get in here, so you should be able to listen to each other..." (via NME)

Still fancy seeing Neil Young live? Well, the singer is set to headline Barclaycard British Summertime at Hyde Park on July 12th.

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