Naomi Campbell Appears In New ANOHNI Video

Singer announces new album 'HOPELESSNESS'

ANOHNI has unveiled a spectacular, moving new video featuring supermodel Naomi Campbell.

The singer will release new album 'HOPELESSNESS' later this year, with new cut 'Drone Bomb Me' leading the way.

A powerful return, it's a very 21st century love song, as ANOHNI explains: "'Drone Bomb Me' is a love song written from the perspective of a young girl in Afghanistan whose family has been executed by unmanned U.S. drones. She dreams of being annihilated."

Naomi Campbell takes a starring role in the accompanying video – watch it HERE.

Limited pre-orders of 'HOPELESSNESS' are available HERE, featuring a double groove 12" featuring the vocal and instrumental versions of '4 Degrees' and 'Drone Bomb Me'.

The press note we've been sent also features the following quote from Laurie Anderson: "'Hopelessness' is the genius of Anohni and her masterful songwriting. The long low sexy beats, the skittering colourful and playful rhythms surround her voice, which is the silky center. Anohni has replaced the stories of abandonment, pain and desire with the biggest issues of our time. This revolutionary move is truly astounding. She understands the disasters of war, climate collapse and totalitarianism in its many new forms. She understands media and she understands groove. Hopelessness is an entirely new mix of love and power, sex and despair delivered with her heavenly voice and incantatory melodies."

1. Drone Bomb Me
2. 4 Degrees
3. Watch Me
4. Execution
5. I Don’t Love You Anymore
6. Obama
7. Violent Men
8. Why Did You Separate Me From The Earth?
9. Crisis
10. Hopelessness
11. Marrow

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