Naked Giants Share Dreamy Single ‘Turns Blue’

It inverts romantic cliches to focus on something a little more honest...

If Naked Giants are original – and they are, very much so – then that owes a huge debt to their ability to focus on their own creative desires.

A band whose path is fuelled by inward travel, their songwriting leans on the personal, allowing this to illuminate their guitar pop aesthetic.

New album 'The Shadow' hits home on August 21st, and the 11 song set was overseen by Chris Funk of the Decemberists.

An able addition to the Seattle band's slim but potent catalogue, it's a record that throws itself in countless different directions all at once.

New single 'Turns Blue' is a gorgeous return, and it's sonic beauty is a neat foil for those romantic themes.

Naked Giants invert common tropes, however, with the song becoming more of an urge towards personal honesty as a means to fuel the path a relationship takes.

The band say…

'Turns Blue' is all about using musical and lyrical clichés about love and relationships as a vessel for deeper, more poignant reflection. Sometimes talking about the heavier stuff is easier when it's channeled through familiar sounds – so we recreated the uber-moody cathartic atmospheres from the likes of U2 and The Cure to serve as the musical platform to ruminate on our own experience with relationships.

In my experience as a young person, building long relationships – whether it's a romanic relationship or a friendship or a rock band – takes a lot of inward honesty and reckoning with the parts of yourself you would rather not share with others. While we would like to skip the work and just focus on the cheesy happy moments, it takes a constant remembrance of our flaws and mistakes, and a commitment to growth and respect to be an accountable person in our relationships.

Unfortunately, young men like myself aren't often made to hold ourselves accountable in this way and this has serious repercussions on everyone outside of ourselves. We too often skip from "I'm sorry" to "It's better now" without actually doing any of the work or facing what we need to change in ourselves.

I think it's important to have the moments like in 'Turns Blue' where there's this catharsis of emotion, but also the reflection and constant reminders of what we need to do to be worthy of that emotion.

A blissful piece of guitar pop, you can check out 'Turns Blue' below.

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