Nailah Hunter Launches Debut Album ‘Lovegaze’

It's out on January 12th...

Nailah Hunter has laid out plans for her long-awaited debut album ‘Lovegaze’.

The LA based multi-disciplinarian holds down the always-vital Astral Garden show on NTS, releasing her debut single ‘Apple, Maple, Willow’ back in 2019. Since then she’s shared two EPs on tastemaker imprint Leaving Records, all while building material for a full length project.

Signed to Fat Possum, debut album ‘Lovegaze’ will emerge on January 12th. As ever, all bets are off when it comes to Nailah Hunter, and new single ‘Finding Mirrors’ is a sumptuous demonstration of the potent visual quality her work contains.

Seemingly centred on the bass line, she breaks with her ambient past to find some sense of directness. A song about healing, Nailah comments…

“This song began with a bass line, which is not usually how I approach writing. Of all the tracks on the record, it is the most purposeful departure from the comfort I found in making ambient music in the past. Letting the song exist in the form that it came to me was a healing reminder that I can make anything I want to. The song is about seeing yourself without warning.”

The full video for ‘Finding Mirrors’ is out now, shot by Dillon Howl. Bringing her vision to life, it taps into the eeriness inherent in the song itself.

Nailah continues: “The video explores the concept of being haunted by our own unspoken truths and the catharsis that is to be found in being seen. It asks what kind of power we unlock when we surrender to our true desires.” 

Tune in now.

Strange Delights
Through the Din
Finding Mirrors
Into the Sun

Photo Credit: Dillon Howl

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