He's got neigh luck...

N-Dubz' Dappy has been kicked in the face by a horse.

It's Friday afternoon, and - we admit - there's not a lot of news in the world. Check out the BBC or CNN: if it's not crowds of marauding shoppers on Black Friday then they simply don't want to know.

So here's our mane story of the afternoon. Whilst venturing across a field in Hertfordshire, N-Dubz' Dappy has been kicked in the face by a horse.

The stylish urban star - some would say a clothes horse - was riding the animal at his home when the animal threw him to the ground.

Wait up! Dappy owns a home in Hertfordshire? He's a dark horse...

A spokesperson for the rapper told The Mirror: "I can confirm that my client was involved in a horse riding accident at home where he fell from his horse and was subsequently kicked in the face."

He added: "Dappy was rushed to hospital where he received medical treatment and is now recovering." (via NME)

He's neigh luck. Is this news? Well, don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Some would say that we're flogging a dead horse, here, but y'know...

Horses for courses.

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