Myles Lloyd Shares New R&B Single ‘Counting Days’

Canada’s R&B star shares, “the realest song I’ve ever made”...

Myles Lloyd drops his moody new single ‘Counting Days’. 

Following on from his previous 2021 releases ‘Monster’ and ‘Running On You’, the Canadian is turning heads with parallels being drawn between Lloyd and the likes of R&B superstars Brent Faiyaz and Miguel.

‘Counting Days’ is yet another example of Lloyd’s competent, polished deliveries of rich R&B. The single holds tension in reverberated synthesisers, muted exotic rhythms, deep 808’s and a bittersweet aura of dark and lighter glazed melodies. For Lloyd, his new single embodies the power of taking a short, sharp exit out of your comfort zone and setting yourself up for success through understanding your internalised battles, while seeing life under a new shiny light of reality.  

Lloyd shares…

“‘Counting Days’ is one of the realest songs I've ever made. Especially during this pandemic time, I feel like everyone is counting the days until the world goes back to normal. I feel like a lot of people could relate to this song in different ways. Feeling indecisive, alone and tempted is all very normal but having self control is a must. Feeling vulnerable can really make you do some dumb stuff. Being away from home and seeing so many new things can be distracting. Especially as a homebody. Stepping out of your comfort zone can really open your eyes to new ways of living, but can also introduce you to your inner demons”.

Lloyd’s deep thinking and passion for bettering himself takes his music down an authentic driven path, flushing his tunes in a raw sonic flavour. His connection to music and ability to dive deep into his mind seeps through in the moody production, leaning on a tropical emporium of beats, alongside his sleek, tranquilising vocals which ripple in an energy reminiscent to The Weeknd. Often pumping the veins of his tunes with philosophical, introspective thoughts, his lyrics draw attention to the deep waters of feelings and real-life experiences.

Wearing his heart on his sleeve, there was clearly no holding back when it came to penning the lyrics for this track, with his honest thoughts and feelings pouring out. (“Tired of all this waiting / I need something new / don’t think that you are built up to wait for nothing / we got to learn someday”) he sings, venting his frustration of watching life pass him by. A relatable memoir of our experiences over the past year and how for many, it’s felt as though life has been put on pause. The track is also a reminder that as each day passes, we’re one step closer to getting back to normality.  

Lloyd adds: “I hope that when people listen to this song they realise that they aren’t alone. Everyone is trying to figure themselves out during these times and are missing the way things used to be.”

‘Counting Days’ epitomises everything this artist is about. Adding to his catalogue of talent, this latest track is not shy of R&B perfection.

Check it out now.

Words: Alexander Williams
Photo Credit: John Dagsaan

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