It's pop perfection the first time out...

Pop partnership MYKL want to challenge themselves.

As songwriters they've worked with some of the biggest in the game, but naturally they're much too modest to say.

Keeping their most personal, most daring ideas back, MYKL are ready to go it alone, to push themselves to centre-stage.

Judging by debut single 'Vitamin', it's a bold but brilliant decision, with the duo delivering perfection first time round.

Glossy pop matched to R&B elements, it's a soaring triumph, with an impeccable chorus and lyrics that cut a little deeper.

MYKL explain: “Why can’t we all talk about our insecurities, about sex, adventure, love and being free with our feelings? Break boundaries. Break speakers.”

We've got first play of the video, and it's a bold statement, opening with London landmarks before delving into something personal.

Tune in now.

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