Featuring Indians, Sweet Baboo, The 1975 and Dog Is Dead...

It's an epiphany, it's a mess.

It's an enlightening experience, it's a surefire way to break your heart. It's a life changing moment, it's a damp squib.

The prospect of recalling your first kiss is often as terrifying as the experience itself. Opening up in front of strangers, revealing those clumsy, awkward attempts at turning passionate feelings into something physical, something real...

It's a genuine challenge - one that we asked a number of musicians to undertake in time for Valentine's Day. Rifling through the more personal areas of their private life, Indians, Sweet Baboo, The 1975 and Dog Is Dead have all agreed to reminisce about the first time they puckered up in earnest.

- - -

Indians (Søren Løkke Juul)
Back in the days I was a young boy, getting ready for something that would change my life, and never forget. The music was loud Ace of Base I think and the dance floor was empty. Everyone was too shy, not enough sugar in the blood yet. I spotted her right away, across the room, the new girl in school. And she was shining. The evening took off and we danced closer and closer and slower and slower.

...and there it was, the song that would chance my life - Gary Moore's 'Still Got The Blues'. With butterflies exploiting in my stomach, I met her lips and we kissed. We were boy and girl friends for years, and she is still today one of my best friends.

Sweet Baboo
I can't really remember my first kiss. I must have been about thirteen or fourteen and a slightly later developer than most of my friends. It was probably at a party and almost certainly, not very good. I wouldn't have been very good. I remember a geography lesson about two years later my friend Rob boasting to us about how many girls he had kissed and how good he was at it and a girl, let's called her Mandy for my sakes, piped up from the back of the room saying: "Rob you are the best kisser in the school..."

Then I saw her glance quickly at me, and in the middle of a presentation on the formation of the North Wales coastline, walked over to Rob and whispered "And he is the worse".

My technique, up until then, consisted of trying to snap, dislodge, or injure their tongue with mine. After that I think I gave up on the french style and probably kissing in general for a while. Come to think of it I think Mandy was the first so no wonder I was the worse.

The 1975 (Matt Healey)
My first kiss didn't actually happen. Well, I can't remember my actual first kiss - but I can vividly recall getting totally mugged off by Helen Chisem after I had obsessively and meticulously planned out a PERFECT environment for such a momentous occasion to take place. Basically I got her to come to the 'bunker' of Kitten City (this was an enormous stack of hay bales in a barn where we lived. It was a farm and kitten city is where all the shit went down).

I got her in that bunker (it was hay) and explained to her what kissing was about and why she should do it with me because I knew loads about it and essentially, it was my current obsession. I'm still quite like that, I have fleeting obsessions that make me do stuff like try and cop off with Helen Chisem at the age of 6. She said 'no' in the end. Whatever. I'm not bothered anyway, she was wearing a jumper with horses on it and she smelled of horses at the same time which made me feel a bit weird.

Dog Is Dead
Trev (sax and bass): 
There I was trying to make what I could of a Valentine's house party that was slowly but surely winding down. I hadn't lucked out and got off with a girl all night much to my misfortune! I sat on the arm of a couch that was occupied by my friend who had been yakking up early and now had passed out. As I went to finish off my warm can of Fosters I found a girl standing directly in front of me. She said "Trev I've got with everyone at this party except you". It was a good enough excuse as I was going to get at this point and that was it, my first kiss at the tender age of 16. 

Harvey (drums)
My mate and I had just got our first girlfriends. We invited them on a double Valentine's date to my friend's house. It was your classic trampoline based date. The four of us invented an awkward game of spin the bottle where whatever the outcome, we only kissed our own partner. If it landed on a different combination we just pretended it didn't happen.

Paul (guitar)
I was pressured into kissing my first girlfriend. All my friends were telling me to kiss her and it was the most awkward situation as she was listening in with all her friends. Eventually I got some courage and gave her a peck on the lips. It was the biggest anti-climax ever, and the subject was dropped immediately.

Joss (keys)
When I was about 15 I was in Asda with a girl just before Valentine's Day. We were wearing Nirvana hoodies and baggy jeans with chains and were buying Red Bull and crisps and chocolate to go on a fully legal under 18s sugar bender. We sat outside for ages getting fucked up on said Red Bull, and after a while we decided to go inside and see what was happening in the disabled toilet. After realising that it was just a toilet and a sink she grabbed my hand and placed it on her boob and it was good.

- - -

Fancy regaling us with the tale of your own first kiss? Leave your story in the comments section if you dare...


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